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Haunting photographs of pillboxes, forts and gun batteries

These haunting structures dotted across the beaches of Europe are a stark reminder of the two world wars.

From pillboxes to forts and harbours to gun batteries, the buildings have been photographed across England in the likes of Dorset, Kent and Yorkshire – and further afield in Denmark, Norway and France.

Many of the structures were used for during both world wars – such as the defences at Spurn Point near Hull, a hotel at Mesnil-Val-Plage in Normandy and the Verne Battery on the Isle of Portland.

Bath-based photographer Marc Wilson, 49, has travelled 23,000 miles across 143 locations to capture the stunning coastline images, which form part of his book that is now in its second edition.

Mr Wilson, who used crowdfunding campaigns to help complete his work, has also visited Normandy in France, as well as Houvig and Vigso in Denmark, Haugesund in Norway and the Channel Islands.

He said: ‘I believe works on this subject matter become more important as time goes on. At first of course it is those whom were involved that begin to fade. Then the memories and then the physical objects themselves.

‘I believe the current relationship between these objects and the landscapes that sit in is one of balance but as time moves on, this relationship will change of course, with the objects fading further into the landscape.

‘Many hours were spent standing on isolated beaches, cliff tops, or in the sea, waves lapping, or in the case of the North Sea of the coast of Denmark, crashing, against me as I peaked out from under the dark cloth.’

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