Popper Fishing for Giant Trevally around the islands!!

It’s great fun popper fishing around the island, with some great surface strikes on poppers and stickbaits. Well worth a try and you’d be suprised at what you can catch. GT’s(Giant Trevally) and Queenfish love a popper worked across the surface and can’t help themselves, these lures resemble a baitfish in distress, trying to flee, and GT’s just go crazy chasing them. Awesome stuff, and especially when you’ve got beautiful scenery and great weather, fish are a bonus!!
I always like to work Poppers and Stickbaits to vary it up a bit, and also chrome spinners worked across the surface will also turn them on. Look for a bit of current flow, and even better if some baitfish about on the surface. Work your poppers in a steady action and consistency is the key, making it easier for the Giant Trevally to hit your lure.
The first GT was a good one, but unfortunately he got away, the second GT only a baby with most fish averaging 10 to 20 Kilo’s around the islands. Always great to release your fish and help conserve these great sportsfish for the future and next time. Not that great for eating, so please release and Giant Trevally you’re lucky enough to catch.
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Cheers Greg
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